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Affordable Classic Cars You Can Drive Everyday

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One of the best things about owning a classic car is keeping it spruced up and maintained so you can drive it every day.

Affordable Classic Cars, many car owners shy away from using a classic car as a daily driver because it might not be reliable enough or lack certain creature comforts. But it’s a shame to have it locked up inside your garage just to tinker on over the weekends.

As long as it doesn’t cost you the earth in petrol, you can get parts for it and it’s easy enough to work on, there’s no reason you can’t buy an affordable classic car you can drive every day.

Here are some options next time you’re doing some online classic car browsing.

BMC Mini

The classic Mini is a 1960s icon that will put a smile on people’s faces when they see you whizzing by. Mini’s are fun to drive and they’re not that expensive to buy. You can even jump on the growing trend of buying a middle-aged Mini and altering it, so you have some 21st century features. The only drawback to owning a mini, is that if you’re over 6 ft tall it may not be that comfortable spacewise.

VW Golf Mk1

While German manufacturer Volkswagen are known for the iconic VW Beetle, its replacement in the 1974, the VW Golf, has gone on to become a popular modern car. But why be contemporary? An early Golf that’s been well looked after is a stunning car to drive and has legendary handling, a tight engine and ample passenger room. You can even find some souped up versions that were used in sports racing.

Toyota FJ60

Toted as the ultimate off-roader the Toyota FJ60 is a rare beast and great choice for a reliable daily driver if you’re into a rugged lifestyle or need the extra room for fishing trips etc. You can usually find examples that have been well maintained for a reasonably cheap price, sub $4K and if it hasn’t got all the bells and whistles you want then it’s pretty easy to get parts, being a Toyota.

Ford Mustang

While a new Ford Mustang is around the $70K mark, you can score an original Ford Mustang (albeit a bit worse for wear) for sub $20K. You might need to replace a few things such as the dashboard, speedometer and do some work on the interior. But with a new paint job this original pony car makes a reliable and grunty daily driver. The good thing about the Ford Mustang is that so many were built that parts are readily available.

Datsun 240Z

The Datsun 240Z was around in the 1970s and is a classic Japanese car that sports a rear-wheel drive, classic gran turismo looks and has a decent engine. While you’ll pay through the nose for one that’s been fully restored, one that has a bit of rust or needs an overhaul is significantly cheaper. It would be the perfect project for a classic car enthusiast.

Affordable Classic Cars

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