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5 Car Hacks You’ll Really Love

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Keeping your car organised, tidy, and in great condition doesn’t need to be challenging, time-consuming, or expensive. You just need to implement some simple car hacks and DIY tricks.


5 Car Hacks You’ll Really Love

1. An end to the cup holder gunk

If you’re anything like us, the cup holders in your car probably get a good workout — from loose coins to leaky coffee cups, bobby pins, stray buttons, soft drink residue, and fuzz that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

So how do you get rid of the gunk? The trick is to use silicone muffin molds. They’re easy to clean, inexpensive to replace, and totally kid-friendly.

5 Car Hacks You’ll Really Love | Door to Door Car Carrying | Brisbane

2. Extra storage space

If you have a big family, messy pets, or simply just like to be organised, it’s likely that you crave extra storage space in your car. For example, where do you put your emergency bottle of sunscreen, the all-important baby wipes, or the kids’ DVD collection?

One simple solution is to tie a plastic shoe organiser to the back of your head rest. This will give you plenty of extra storage space that is waterproof, easy to reach, and a piece of cake to clean.

3. Air freshener that actually smells good

Tired of buying air fresheners that smell sickly sweet, over-the-top, or like nothing at all? Between driving to work, picking up the weekly shopping, collecting the kids from school, and visiting family and friends on the weekend, you probably spend a lot of time in your car.

You can make it smell better by putting 5-10 drops of essential oil onto a wooden clothespin and pinning it to your air conditioning vent. Lavender, peppermint, rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang are family favourites. Just top up as needed.

5 Car Hacks You’ll Really Love | Door to Door Car Carrying | Brisbane

4. Soothe your aching neck

Whether you’re driving through the outback, stuck in rush-hour traffic, or speeding along the highway at 100, long road trips can have a serious toll on your neck, back, and posture. With some basic sewing skills and small scraps of fabric, you can easily make a DIY seatbelt pillow to rest your weary head. Just don’t fall asleep if you’re at the wheel!

5. Stop your groceries from sliding around

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. You put your plastic bags in the boot of your car and no sooner than 5 minutes later are you listening to your bolognese sauce rolling around on the floor. No one likes spilt milk, broken eggs, or bruised avocado. Thread a bungee cord through your bag handles and attach it to either side of your boot. This will help to keep everything upright, intact, and perfectly ripe.

5 Car Hacks You’ll Really Love

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