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10 Essential Car Equipment Items for an Emergency

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‘Fortune favours those who are prepared’ or so the saying goes. Don’t just rely on RACQ to provide roadside assistance when you break down or lock yourself out of your car.


10 Essential Car Equipment Items for an Emergency.

Essential Item No.1 – Spare Key

Hiding a key somewhere on your vehicle could save a lot of future headaches if you lose your main set, they get nicked or the kids lock themselves in the car. Magnetic key holders can be placed behind the bumper, license plate or behind a tyre well.

Essential Item No. 2 – Spare Tyre & Jack

Having a spare tyre and jack in your car, and knowing how to use them, can save you hours of waiting for help if you get a flat. Always make sure your vehicle is on level ground and the handbrake is on and the car is in Park or 1st gear. Ask your mechanic to check your spare tyre whenever you get your car serviced.

Essential Item No. 3 – First-Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to have first-aid kit in your boot in case of emergencies. You can buy one ready stocked or create your own for not much money. Be sure to include items such as: plasters, bandages, antiseptic cream, pain relief and antihistamine tablets.

Essential Item No. 4 – Jumper Leads

Car batteries can go flat when you least expect them too. Having a set of quality jumper leads will save the day as long as there’s another willing car owner at hand. Know how to connect the jumper leads properly as they can cause damage to cars and people.

10 Essential Car Equipment Items For An Emergency | Door to Door Car Carrying | Brisbane

Essential Item No. 5 – Reflective Jacket

Keep a reflective jacket in stored in your car so if you break down at night and need to change a tyre or signal a passing car they can see you. Ideally store it in the main interior rather than the boot so you don’t have to get out of the car to put it on.

Essential Item No. 6 – Tool Kit

Depending on your mechanic skills, a tool kit can be a handy addition to your car for quick fixes or repair work.

Essential Item No. 7 – Water & Food

If you’re driving around the city you might want to skip this one, but if you’re heading off on a trip a bottle of water and some snacks are a good idea in case you get stuck.

Essential Tool No. 8 – Torch

A torch is something that you’d keep in your house, so why not your car too? You could even look for a sturdy model that can double as a hammer if need be.

10 Essential Car Equipment Items For An Emergency | Door to Door Car Carrying | Brisbane

Essential Tool No. 9 – Extra Wallet

If your wallet gets stolen when you’re out and about then having a back up in your car with a few notes and some photocopied ID can be useful.

Essential Item No. 10 – Map

We mean a physical map not google maps. It’s handy to have if you’re out of network coverage, your phone battery dies or your GPS breaks.


10 Essential Car Equipment Items for an Emergency

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