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Returning to Uni?

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The long drive ahead


Now that the holidays are over, it’s Uni time. If returning to Uni means a long drive to another state or just a long drive in general. Then ask yourself if this is a trip I’m really looking forward to. If not then keep reading, we can help.

Things to take into consideration when planning your long drive back to Uni:



The long drive ahead

Planning the route:

Where can you stop when nature calls, which it will and normally at a time of inconvenience.

We would recommend using your preferred maps app / navi system, so you can check out the path ahead. Doing this can make the trip so much safer.

Take breaks:

This is probably one of if not the most important thing to do when driving a long distance.

Fatigue is real, being a tired driver is not only a danger to you but to all road users alike.

Whilst planning your route, we’d recommend you check for safe places you can stop for a break especially if your travel is interstate.

Food & Drink:

Head to your local supermarket for supplies, plenty of fluids of the non alcoholic variety and light snacks for the journey ahead.

Plan your playlist:

Once you’ve planned out your trip, it’s time for some sound. Doing this before the trip means you won’t have to find your favorite music while on the move. We wouldn’t recommend you search for music while driving, just saying.


Save money:

The long drive ahead

Fuel. With the constant changes of fuel prices being a daily thing nowadays, it can be daunting when you count up what the drive is going to cost just in fuel.

How’s your car doing? You’re about to embark on a long and exhausting journey, some students have to drive up to and more than 1000 km. Wow think about that for a second, is your car up to the task? How are the tyres? When was your car’s last service? How does it feel on the road? The last thing you’ll want to deal with is your car breaking down on the side of the highway.

Supplies. Think of all the things you’ll need to organise before you even get in the car to start your trip, planning the route, food, the possibility of staying overnight in a motel or sleeping in the car itself.



Feeling rushed?

The long drive ahead

The last thing anyone wants to have on their mind whilst driving a long way is that voice saying “I can’t stop, I got to get there”.

This has the potential to cause a lot of issues for you and others, you don’t need that, only to get there feeling completely exhausted and going straight into study, wouldn’t it be better if you could get there ahead of your vehicle so you can actually get yourself into the right head space?



Another option.

The long drive ahead

If the idea of driving such a long way doesn’t entice you, especially when it feels like everyone else is going in the same direction, or you’re travelling with family or friends who turn into backseat drivers. Then how about having your vehicle transported with your belongings inside so you can take a flight, that way you can relax a bit before the brain rush of information.

Heading back to Uni? Give us a call at Door to Door Car Carrying, we transport vehicles all over the country. Need to move your car with personal belongings in it, not a problem, getting your car where you need it to be is what we do. Give us a call on 1800 366 723, or contact us online today to find out how we can help you.