Project Car Transport


Project car transport time.

You’ve finally found the project car of your dreams, it’s what you’ve always wanted, this has been on your mind for years, all that saving up, swapping and tool collecting has been for this moment.

Now that you’ve found it, there’s a few questions you need to ask yourself.


Have I done this before?

Project Car Transport 01

You’re a veteran at building cars, all good, call some friends and enjoy the weekends.

If you’re new to the rebuild process but you have professional experience then this will be second nature to you.

Never done it, but you have worked on cars with a few friends that have more car know-how than you.

It’s time to call in the favors you’ve accumulated over the years with your mechanical buddies.

Chances are if you found your dream project car then you probably have some skills at this.



Do I have enough tools?

Project Car Transport 02

The question of questions, as every car enthusiast knows you can never have enough tools, however you can have too many of one tool.

Check what you have, get organised, set up the shed so you know exactly where everything is.

This will make it so much easier when you begin the project.

Call all your friends that loaned tools off you and haven’t returned them, you know who they are.

Make space, not just enough to move around the car, but space so you can walk clearly around it, nothing worse than working on a car and feeling cramped because something hasn’t been moved out of the way and now you can’t get to it at all.



Time, time, time

Project Car Transport 03

Make time for this in your schedule, plan it out, how much time can you put into this project so it won’t interfere with the important things in life.

Got family, a partner, children, get them involved, make it a family project. 

Share your skills with your loved ones.

If you’ve got children this will become very helpful later on in life as it can give you some assurance knowing that if  / when they get stuck, they’ll know how to approach a problem with their own vehicles.



How do I get it home?

Project Car Transport 04

There are a few options of getting your new project home.



Get a trailer and collect it yourself.

Take time off work, cost of fuel, accommodation, traffic etc, if this option sounds like something you would like to do then set a date and make it happen.


Speak to the seller.

The person you purchased the car from may have an idea of how to, you never know until you ask.


Professional transport:

This is where we can help, It’s what we do, seriously it’s all we do.

Door to Door Car Carrying is a specialty vehicle transport service, we get it where you need it.

Don’t fancy the idea of being stuck in a car towing a trailer for hundreds of kilometers, and the frustration of finding a parking space when you have to stop for a break.

Paying for accommodation or sleeping in your own car, not the best option.

Then there’s the cost of fuel, well depending what day of the week it is or if you do the trip during a holiday period.


We move cars, drive-able, non drive-able, boats, caravans, trailers, if it has wheels and rolls we can help.

Got parts inside the car, yeah we can help.

Save the stress of getting your dream project home give Door to Door Car Carrying a call today.

Get that project car you’ve always wanted transported across Australia? Enquire online or call us today to find out how we can help you move your dream car to a new location: 1800 366 723.