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Preparing your caravan for travel

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Preparing your caravan for travel may seem like a lengthy process, but once you have a routine down, it’s easy, convenient and can be a real life-saver!

There’s nothing worse than reaching your destination, exhausted from a long day of travel, and stepping into your caravan to find that your shampoo bottles have burst all over the floor and your eggs have flown out of the fridge. Securing all of the your items for travel is important, and will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

We’ve put together a helpful list to add to your morning routine when you’re on the road so that travelling with your caravan is hassle-free.


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  • Pack all items in the fridge securely so that they don’t slide. Make sure all products are standing upright, and the fridge door is closed properly. If your milk is in a carton rather than a screw top – peg it shut for extra security!
  • Clear away loose items on open shelves and store them in cupboards.
  • Remove the turntable from the microwave and store in a cupboard.
  • Separate jars and bottles in the pantry so that they do not rub or bump against one another. Slot into shoe boxes or containers. Velcroing the bottom of the containers to shelves is also a nifty trick to stop them from sliding.
  • Ensure all caps are screwed on your food and toiletry products properly.
  • Utilise shoe hangers in your bathroom and bedroom. Tuck your toiletries into the sleeves so that they don’t have the chance to fall out and explode. If your toiletries are prone to leaking, place them in snaplock bags.
  • Check that all cupboards are closed. If any have a tendency to pop open, twist rubber bands around adjacent handles like you would for child-proofing.
  • Pack away and fix down any tables and foldable chairs.
  • If you know you’re going to be travelling on dusty roads, close all the windows and fasten shut.


  • Stow away annexes and any external units.
  • Raise and secure steps and external braces.
  • Check all tyres. If they’re looking a little low, check the air pressure and adjust accordingly.
  • Check brake, indicator and number plate lights.

And remember to drive safely and enjoy your trip!


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