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How to tell which petrol is best for your car

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With many different types of fuel now available at the pump, it’s easy to see why motorists are a little confused about which is best for their car.

You might be wondering, should I be using 91 unleaded, 95 premium, 98 advance or something else? We hope to clear up some of the confusion with this post.


Which octane?

The general rule of thumb is to use the fuel of the octane listed for your vehicle, whether in the owner’s manual or recommended by the dealer. Some cars will also have it listed on the inside of the petrol flap. Many European cars require a premium unleaded fuel, limiting your choice. However, your car may be able to use more than one type of petrol, so it pays to check as this could potentially save you money at the pump.

Usually, there isn’t a benefit from using premium fuels unless your car’s computer can adjust its engine parameters to accommodate the higher octane. But if it can, putting in higher octane fuels can mean you don’t use as much, which may save you money over time.

For example, with 95 premium you may use 4% less fuel than you would with 91 unleaded. With 98 advance you might get a reduction of 3% over 95 and a 7% lower fuel consumption compared to 91. But is the higher price of premium fuel worth it in the long run?


Compare and contrast fuels

If you regularly use your car and want to check if you can save money using premium fuel then do a test run with one fuel and then the other. Note what you normally pay for a tank of 91 unleaded and how far you can go on it. Then compare how much mileage you can get out of a tank of 95 premium for the same distance. For accurate testing, it’s recommended to fill up ten tanks for each type of fuel before swapping over.

In summary, if you’re filling up less, but paying slightly more for the premium fuel, then you have to weigh up if you’re saving money. For example, if the price difference between 91 and 95 is less than 4% and you do get more mileage then it is worth switching to premium.


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